Recycled yarn


Our weekly Talking Textile group based at Hive has been working with recycled and donated materials. They have been converting old T-shirts into yarn for reuse in weaving, knitting and crochet projects having learned a technique much like this one for turning a garment into a continuous length of yarn. Using this most common garment to make something new has offered opportunities for conversation about what happens to our discarded clothes and how they might be given a second life. One of our volunteers who also works in a local charity shop was able to tell us about the huge volume of T-shirts that arrive in charity bags each week and the limited number that are suitable for resale. Many of these garments are later shredded for use in industry as wiper cloths.


Our group has been challenged to make useful and beautiful things with their new collection of materials, we will post an update about what they made here soon. These items will be part of an exhibition of our research and items made by our community-based projects at Bradford Industrial Museum in November 2018.


Out Talking Textiles group meets at Hive on Monday afternoons 1-3pm. If you are interested in learning textile recycling crafts in a relaxed and friendly environment please get in touch with us at